Student Loans

Women Borrow More

Women Borrow More

In Canada, 52.7% of all university graduating classes are female. The gender split is far from equal when it comes to paying for the degree though. Female students consistently rely on student loans to pay for post-secondary education way more than males, 46% more!

And female students take on 53% more debt than male students to complete their full-time studies.

This picture is not pretty! Student loans add stress and create roadblocks for all borrowers – but for young women, the student debt gender disparity is frankly alarming.

The Smart Benefit™ is an employee benefit and debt reduction strategy that eliminates student debt sooner than expected and for a lower cost. Employer assisted student loan repayment is a high-impact benefit for all workers with student loans. And for young, female workers with outstanding student loans, this is a benefit to bank on.

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Source: Statistics Canada (federal loans only)