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The Smart Benefit™

The missing piece in workplace benefits

The Problem

Canadian employers are facing difficulties
attracting and retaining skilled workers

Companies reporting talent shortages and hiring challenges - a 15 year high
Growing employee turnover costs as a percent of average Canadian salary
$6 - $10B
Growing annual cost of employee turnover for employers
Canada's employee turnover levels, ranking 4th globally
Student Debt

Over half the jobseekers entering the workforce
have student debt

Graduates entering the workforce with student loans
Canadians with a student loan
Student loan holders are women
Outstanding Government student loans (2018)
Average loan balance at graduation
Loan holders in *Repayment Assistance Program (RAP) are women
Household Debt

Canadian Household Debt is at
all time high

Household Debt in Canada increased to 179.47 percent of gross income in 2021 from 177.31 percent in 2021

Household prices vs Income
The Solution

Debt Relief Benefits
The Smart Benefit™ helps pay down employee debt

  • 63% of employees and job seekers surveyed say benefits are a top factor in accepting or staying in a job

  • Easily allows employees to redirect and use a portion of existing contributions to pay down debt

  • Reduces employee financial stress

  • Creates affordability and helps fight inflation

  • The Smart Benefit™ is a complete solution with modern apps, a safe and encrypted backend, automated reporting, an easy onboarding process, and dedicated support

The Benefits

Financial Impact

  • Employers

  • Reduced recruitment time

  • Lower Employee turnover

  • Affordable

  • Employees

  • Time & Cost savings

  • Better financial outcomes

The Benefits

Human Impact

  • Employers

  • Greater employee loyalty

  • Higher productivity & employee engagement

  • Creates employee goodwill

  • Employees

  • Less financial stress

  • Greater financial wellbeing

  • Strategic debt management

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