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Employer benefits that help with debt - the missing piece in total financial wellness.  

Help your employees pay down Student Loans (now!) or Mortgage Debt (coming soon!) with flexible plan contributions. 

Loan Savings
Average Participant Loan Savings
Reduction in repayment time

Workplace Benefits for today

Financial wellness and affordability go hand in hand. The streamlined process creates a smooth and easy User Experience

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Student Loans

Canadian Federal/Provincial Loans

We offer repayment and remittance services for Federal and Provincial student loans, including Québec.


Conventional Mortages (Coming Soon!)

We will offer repayment and remittance services for conventional mortgages that allow additional payments.

Our versatile plans enhance existing programs


Contributions from group savings are repurposed for student loan or mortgage repayment help.

Loan Match

We facilitate the matching of Loan Minimum Payments through verified student loan statements.

Fixed Payments

As a stand-alone benefit, we remit fixed payments to employees’ student loans.

Why Debt

Why contribute to Employee Debt?
  • 69% of companies report talent shortages  and hiring challenges

  • $6 - $10B Growing annual cost of employee turnover

  • 16% Canada's employee turnover levels, 4th highest globally

  • Close to 60% of graduates enter the workforce with student debt

  • 63% of employees and job seekers surveyed say benefits are a top factor in accepting or staying in a job

  • Reducing debt has been Canadian's top financial priority for the past eight years

  • Student loans delay life goals including marriage and children, home purchase, or further education

Our 4 Step Process gets your plan set up in no time

1) Design

We begin with a Discovery Meeting for introductions, a benefits review, and an assessment of the best way for you to offer The Smart Benefit™ to employees.

2) Onboarding

We then host an Orientation Session with plan Sponsors and their Admins to introduce our system and processes. Sponsor Admin onboarding happens at this stage.

3) Enrollment

Program Rollout is next with invites to register sent to employees. Employee status is active once they have uploaded loan statements and made any applicable selections or allocations.

4) Processing

Our system generates Monthly Reports for expected payments. We pull the required funds, attribute them to the participating employees, and remit payments to appropriate lenders.

Money Growth
  • Reliable, Relevant Features

  • Secure and Responsive Webapp

  • Mobile apps including Android and iOS

  • Secure and Encrypted backend. Compliant with all regulations

  • Monthly Reports and Payment Status Updates

  • Dedicated Client Support Team to handle queries, resolve issues, and assist Clients as required

  • Dedicated Partner Support Team to handle queries, resolve issues, and assist Partners as required

What users are saying about The Smart Benefit™

Mechanical Technologist
"Student debt can be scary… with [TSB] I can pay off my debt much quicker, save on the cost of borrowing, and start feeling comfortable putting money away for a house, retirement, etc."
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Debt Relief, Stress Relief

Total financial wellness for employees is within reach with our proven 4-Step Process and dedicated support from our Implementation Team. Get in touch today and we'll arrange a demo to show you how close you are!

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